Friday, December 20, 2013

Dancing for the Holidays!

The Christmas season is our favorite time of the year. We get to spend time with our family, eat delicious foods, play with our cousins and close friends and we get to spread a little holiday cheer. Kayla and I just wrapped a 6 show performance with the legendary, Debbie Allen. We performed in the “The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” at UCLA’s Royce Hall. 
Kayla and me with Buckey, AKA Ms. Debbie Allen!

What an amazing experience! We practiced under the direction of Ms. Allen weekly for the past few months. You know how rehearsals are; sometimes you don’t see how the show will come together.  At the first dress rehearsal it all came together. It was beautiful! Seeing all the costumes and the numbers we practiced, it was AMAZING!!
Back stage with our dancing buddies!

Working with Ms. Allen, was truly a rewarding experience. She treated us all like young adults. We had an early call time, hair and make-up, she spoke to us and treated us like the young professionals that we are. She also mentioned that we, the younger girls, need to learn how to put on makeup. I can’t wait to tell mommy that one- “Ms. Allen wants me to play in make-up” yes – my mom will LOVE that one! 
Kayla and me with our friend Nadia

All 6 of the performances were outstanding. There were a few celebrities in the audience like Angela Bassett, Boris Kodjoe and his wife Nicole Parker, and many others. It was a GREAT experience.  I learned that the money raised from the ticket sales help to support the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. The money raised from this production is used to provide scholarships for kids to attend dance classes. How cool is that?!! So while we are doing one of the things we love to do, which is dance – we are also raising money to help other kids do the same.
The Finale!

If you missed the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker this year, be sure to check it out next year. That’s right there will be another performance next year. It’s a show you will not want to miss!!


Kendyl Sherri

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome to our BLOG!!!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our Blog. Kayla and I will share a lot of our LA experiences the good and the challenging. We will also share our ideas and good finds that we come across. Thanks for stopping by to see our page our first blog will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!